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October 2006


ShoZu is a free service for your phone that makes it incredibly easy to send and receive photos, videos and music while you're on the move.

September 2006


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关于梦想的社区网站A "community dream blog" where you can store, sort, search and share your dream journal with others.

Chumby Industries

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A compact device that uses the "wireless internet connection you already have to fetch cool stuff from the web: music, the latest news, box scores, animations, celebrity gossip...whatever you choose. And a chumby can exchange photos and messages with your


Treemo - Welcome to Treemo

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via mashable可通过网站/邮件/手机上传图片/视频/音频/博客并组织内容/收藏最喜欢的内容/在手机上观看频道

RecipeThing: Your recipes, at your fingertips.

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let you organize your favorite recipes, share them with your friends, use them again and again./Lets you save, tag and share your own recipes. Use the menu planner to decide what's for dinner and print out a shopping list.

August 2006

Liusee - 六色图影 - 你的图片发布和共享空间


My Recipe: Let`s share recipes

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食谱分享煮菜社区Share your favorite food recipes with the community.

July 2006

Snipplr - Code 2.0

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Snipplr gives you a place to store and organize all the little pieces of code that we use everyday at work and in our own projects. Best of all, it lets you share with other coders and designers. Did we mention it works with TextMate, too? It's code 2.0.

June 2006

Filemobile Alpha

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以PC/手机/email等多种方式对音/视/图等介质发布存储organize and share their media with the world. Lets you upload any file to your online account by email, PC or phone. Post to your blog, record video, share RSS feeds, and more.


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Radar: Welcome


Radar: Welcome

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