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September 2006

Crowdstorm - Home

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以买卖的商品为基础的社会化网络服务via WangTam

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电影社区A service for indexing and tagging films. You can catalogue the movies that you've seen and receive automatic recommendations for movies that you might like to see. -- Submit and rate your favorite hotspots from around the world

Submit/rate/find their favorite hotspots (restaurant/nightclub/event,etc) Maintain a photo gallery of each hotspot per user, a favorites list where members get bulletins from hotspot owners, a friends list called a "crew," - Ratings, reviews, stats and opinions on ski and snowboard resorts

登山滑雪方面的信息和评论A community site with ratings and reviews of ski areas browsable by rating, difficulty and region. The easy way to find the best places to ski and snowboard.

August 2006 - The European City Community Network of Venues, Events and People

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以欧洲城市为主题的社区New social networking site based on travel and city entertainment. City-minded people can create their own profile and be connected with their favorite places and events in Europe.

July 2006

June 2006

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