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October 2006

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September 2006

Isabont - Plan your career. Manage Your Job Search.

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找工作时的管理工具A web based organizer for job seekers. Keeps track of your job search activities including conversation notes, "applied to" positions, sent documents - and links it all together with a contact manager, calendar, to-do lists, doc

Programmer Meet Designer - where web developers find web designers

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提供程序员和设计人员合作的机会This site was created to unite programmers and designers for web projects. It also lets entrepreneurs and writers find people to work with.

August 2006

June 2006

Recruit.Net: Job Search Engine

New job search engine covering Asia Pacific, Japan, Australia and India. Search across thousands of different sources in Asia, covering six countries and three different languages.

Wow!Jobs-One Click All Jobs| Canada's Largest Job Search Engine

It has over 110,000 jobs available throughout Canada.


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