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October 2006

iFeedReaders - Feeding Feed Readers Your Feed

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The objective of this site is simple, create a one central place to send your feed and have all the subscription services coded and ready to go.

Add This!

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关于RSS的一些情况 - Herock Post

The Future of Web Apps是一个着眼于讨论web应用的未来的会议,主要针对开发技术这个层面。FeedBurner的Steve Olechowshi分享了一些关于RSS Feed的发现

September 2006

Grazr, you know for feeds...

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Feed Digest : Mix, convert, and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds

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FeedButton Beta. Uncluttering Blogs & simplifying RSS Feeds.

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Totally Scored :: Recent Sports Scores via RSS Feed

provides sports scores via RSS feed. Sports include FIFA World Cup, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, NCAA Football, NFL, NHL, Women's National Basketball Association.

July 2006

FeedBlitz - EMail Blog and RSS Subscription Services

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Adding email services to your blog isn't. Email RSS feed and blog subscriptions powered by FeedBlitz


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allows you to create one or more personal or business feeds

Disposable feeds for personal and group use by!

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Instantly publish an RSS feed. Simple, but seems to work. For a more feature-rich edge feeder, take a look at FeedXS.

Create RSS Feeds and Publish News Feeds | Display RSS Feeds on Your Website

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Create RSS feeds without a blog or website and track your hits and clickthroughs. create a blog widget from a feed and display it on your site. By clicking the "MySite" button, your readers can then add the widget to their sites too.

FeedCatch - RSS archiver by

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1#RearchBuzz.catches the contents of a feed into one uberfeed that doesn't expire.set some limits on it - delete the oldest item if there are more than x items in the feed or delete the oldest item if it's more than x hours old . remove items after following their links.

FeedShake - Merge, sort, filter and manage your feeds

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FeedShake can merge, sort and filter multiple RSS, Atom feeds and Podcasts. Just write the URLs (complete addresses) of your feeds above, separating each one with a whitespace. (include "http://")

FeedBlendr - blending you a delicious feed smoothie!

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Blend a group of feeds into a single feed. Very easy to use and works reliably. You can also import an OPML list and blend the feeds together. A well-designed site and a great service. Alternatives include Feedshake and FeedDigest.

Feed Digest : Mix, convert, and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds

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Complete service for mixing, filtering and republishing RSS feeds. Merge multiple feeds or output your feed items as HTML, Javascript, WAP or PHP. There's also a support forum if you get stuck. Overall, a very nice tool for managing your feeds. If you just need to blend a few feeds into one, FeedBlendr is a simpler option.

FeedoStyle Relaunches - RSS Widgets for Your Blog, But Not MySpace - Mashable*

FeedoStyle has also introduced a new business model, with four different account types.

June 2006

RSS的36个功能,你掌握了多少个? | BiZwiKi.CN - 喧闹 PK 噪音

其实是RSS 已经被广泛采用,并且逐步成为信息传递与通讯主流协议这个观点

Ponyfish RSS Feed Builder

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Ponyfish is a FREE web-based tool that allows you to create your own RSS feeds from almost any web page.Creating a feed is FREE. And you don't even have to create an account to use it.

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