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October 2006 — Connecting, Learning, Sharing.

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via eHUb.Online social networking space for mothers to leverage the collective wisdom of aggregated information-sharing.

September 2006

Friends For Families


August 2006

BabyPhotoBlog – photo-sharing for families

BabyPhotoBlog is an easy way to show your extended family just how fast your new addition is growing up.

Minti - Powered by Parents - parent to parent advice-opedia

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Minti is about advice, friendship and community for parents. Join for free, get your own family page, keep a blog and make friends with other members. Advance through the minti ranks by contributing advice, rating articles and writing comments.

June 2006

Operation Mom

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A lifestyle and family management system for busy Moms. The platform combines the latest in social networking, knowledge & advice wikis, schedule management, and geotagging into a simplified and practical interface for non-technical end users. Launching August 2006.

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