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October 2006

The "Citizendium"


September 2006

Online Calendar, Data Backup, Project Management, and Social Networking Software -

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在线日历/数据备份/项目管理Increase productivity with collaboration software for businesses and individuals. Includes integrated online calendar, data backup, project management and social networking software.

August 2006


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标注收录网页Use trails to organize and annotate web pages or to communicate your point of view. Share your trails by sending them via email, posting them on your blog or by publishing them on

Welcome to Xcellery

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在线excel Best of both worlds! Xcellery extends Microsoft® Excel with all the features of an online spreadsheet. No installation required. No need to learn a new tool.

June 2006


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Aims to be the quickest, most effective means to get technical help on the web. A Q&A service with a focus on interaction and monetary incentive.



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