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October 2006

Wablet Home Page

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IMhaha-Web Messenger for MSN,QQ,Yahoo!,AIM

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September 2006

Interaction - Free Web 2.0 instant messaging and live chat support

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网站拥有者和访问者的交流聊天工具A free AJAX-based chat application for the visitors of a web site to discuss in real time with the owner of the site. Interaction is available is 3 different versions


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via eHub与Meebo相类似的基于web的IM客户端,它支持AIM/Yahoo messager/MSN和Gtalk,Ajax技术构建.在页面中央会显示一个地图窗口,通过这个窗口可看到联系人的具体位置,并显示在Google Map上

August 2006




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Lingr - Say it!

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June 2006

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Web-based version of MSN Messenger. The advantage is that you can continue to use MSN Messenger at work or college (where IM messengers might be blocked)


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Similar to Meebo, but chat client opens in a new browser window. Pretty good. There's also a mobile version for your phone.

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Via Mashable*Chatsum is a browser extension that lets you chat with other users who are looking at the same site as you. You can also leave messages for others.


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To group surf with friends, meet people who visit your favorite websites, and make the internet a far more interesting place.

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