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October 2006

SynapseLife Beta

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September 2006

Easy Eikaiwa - Online scheduling & booking

课程设置选课online scheduling and school management system with everything you need to get your teaching schedule online. Database to store all school members, photo uploads for students & teachers , AJAX calendar

Online Calendar, Data Backup, Project Management, and Social Networking Software -

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在线日历/数据备份/项目管理Increase productivity with collaboration software for businesses and individuals. Includes integrated online calendar, data backup, project management and social networking software.

发生网 - 什么正在发生...

via // 专注于社会事件,是一个可以轻松获取,简单共享,共同参与的社会事件平台

August 2006

红海,蓝海和Web 2.0杀手 - 对牛乱弹琴

为Kiko提供种子资金的Paul Graham认为,对轻量级的创业公司来说,失败实在算不上一场灾难。Kiko损失的,不过是一流开发人员6个月的工资,通过拍卖Kiko代码,完全可以予以弥补。但他们努力尝试

Kiko之死引发的Web 2.0思考 - ...人文IT站

近日,Kiko的主要开发人员与我们分享了其Web 2.0之路上的经验之谈。也许能给目前国内依旧热门的Web 2.0网站创建者一些启迪。


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学生专用包括课程表/课堂笔记/交际网络/to do list The perfect notetaking tool for students. Store all your notes and papers, search for them again instantly, store teacher's contact information, keep track of all your class grades, and ton : Create, Buy and Sell Unique Gifts, Custom T-Shirts and More

by 14 others is an online marketplace that offers sellers complete e-commerce services to independently create and sell a wide variety of products, and offers buyers unique merchandise across virtually every topic. Launched in 1999, has emp

June 2006

Epointment - Welcome to!

在线日历日程安排 targeted at users that do not need a "digital personal secretary," but an easy way to keep track of their appointments.

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