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October 2006

Fungow - Welcome to!

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via 仅提供分类没有Tag,比较适合主题相关的收藏


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# 基于知识管理(KM)方式的个人空间# 矩阵式工作台,简约式个人主页# 20M免费附件空间# 以主题为聚合点的新形态社区# 个人空间与社区的无缝结合# 开放的系统

September 2006

Taggly - Online Social Bookmarks Manager

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Hinale / 网聚你我,随心沟通

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狂风:Livemarks给大家一种期待,也给大家一种神秘感,相当于跟踪别人的实时行为。这是社会化的一种独特的表现方式,是一种动态的社会化模式,很值得借鉴。 » The Podcast Playlist Builder

Allows users to bookmark "already-online" media and constructs an RSS feed around your bookmarked items, which you can then give out to friends or just subscribe to yourself with iTunes or any other Podcatcher.

August 2006

adaptiveblue - the web your way

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With the blueorganizer Firefox extension, your browser becomes smarter. The blueorganizer helps you personalize your web interactions based on what you already like. It harnesses your experiences to help you discover relevant new information and save time


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标注收录网页Use trails to organize and annotate web pages or to communicate your point of view. Share your trails by sending them via email, posting them on your blog or by publishing them on

July 2006

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收藏网站/RSS阅读,可OPML导出"Start.com是微软的一个试验性的项目,目前包括RSS在线阅读和在 线书签两个功能"

June 2006

Foundd - Re-search Engine

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个人搜索引擎,通过网站提供的bookmarklet可以搜索选择Google, Yahoo!,Technorati,, Digg, Rollyo, craigslist, and the NYT. 允许 drag-and-drop图标或者超链保存喜欢的网页和链接.对保存结果全文搜索.


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To group surf with friends, meet people who visit your favorite websites, and make the internet a far more interesting place.

MarkaBoo :: better bookmarks for everyone

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Bookmark websites, files and notes side-by-side from your browser, email, or mobile phone to organize your data and share it with others. The source code is Creative Commons to encourage collaboration.

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