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October 2006 - Create and share diagrams online.

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提供在线制作流程图 via

August 2006

Welcome to Xcellery

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在线excel Best of both worlds! Xcellery extends Microsoft® Excel with all the features of an online spreadsheet. No installation required. No need to learn a new tool.

June 2006

Free Web photo editor ::

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Phixr - Online Photo Editor

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Online photo editing tool. Supports e-mailing photos and uploading photos to flickr, fotopic, livejournal, photobucket,, buzznet and dropshots.

Welcome to Picture2Life!

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Snipshot: Edit pictures online

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Formerly known as Pixoh. Online photo editing.

ChatCreator - 國生三年才開始

ChatCreator 后面留言还补充了其他两个类似网站Gabbly、Bitty

Web Office的下一个新星:Wufoo - 刻录事


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