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21 October 2006 10:00

21 October 2006 08:00

Kizmeet - Find your missed connections

helping people find romance through "missed connections" based on locations within each cityThe site has already launched in 8 cities with plans to expand. See where the hot spots are in your city based on where people are posting. — Connecting, Learning, Sharing.

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via eHUb.Online social networking space for mothers to leverage the collective wisdom of aggregated information-sharing.

At Yahoo, All Is Not Well - New York Times

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21 October 2006 06:00

中国Linux开源社区缓慢崛起 - CNET科技资讯网


21 October 2006 05:00

社会化媒体的营销尝试 - laolu


21 October 2006 04:00

The "Citizendium"

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21 October 2006 03:00

先致富再学习 YouTube硕士创始人的第二桶金 - CNET科技资讯网


21 October 2006 02:00

信产部酝酿博客实名制 开博要首先登记身份证

“博客研究组”于今年8月2日组建,目前成员包括 人民网、千龙网、新浪、搜狐、网易等13家单位和5位业界、法律界专家。

20 October 2006 06:00

Colshare - for collectors, by collectors

via postbubble收藏硬币/篮球卡/书籍/海报/啤酒标签等社区

20 October 2006 05:00

Direct Mail Drives Traffic Directly to Web Sites -


20 October 2006 04:00

20 October 2006 03:00

中国创投市场第三季度报告 - BLOG @ GE Online

在2006年8月27日修订完成的《中华人民共和国合伙企业法》就在三个方面做了重要调 整,正式承认了有限合伙企业的合法性,这表明了政府对创投行业的积极态度。

20 October 2006 02:00

默多克的选择(by 仇勇) - 思维的乐趣BLOG


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