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22 September 2004

21 September 2004


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rss aggregator that can show your feeds in "ticket" format

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automatically download content for your iPod


Perform weird antics on a street corner, catch on your cameraphone, and "own" that corner as your turf

20 September 2004

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Free PhotoShop-alike photo editing and enhancement program

15 September 2004

13 September 2004

ntop - network top

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Linux-based network monitoring tool

12 September 2004

11 September 2004


Countdown to 1,000,000 Downloads of Firefox in 10 days

WHoppiX! - A pen-tester/script-kiddie dream come true

Knoppix linux boot cd containing all the latest exploits

The Flapper

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paper airplane that flaps its wings without rubber bands, etc.

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