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December 2008

September 2007

Traintrain Software

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Subs Factory is a subtitles editor It is a complete application designed to create, modify or adapt film subtitles. It only recognizes .srt files yet. These files are fully compatible with VLC. Films can be in any format supported by QuickTime (including DivX if the suitable codec is installed). Create your own subtitles, resynchronize them, translate them into another language, concatenate two files into one, split a file in two parts,... Subs Factory makes it possible to do all this fast and efficiently.


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AddMovie is a utility for concatenating several files into one single movie. Supports various input file formats, including, of course, Quicktime movies. Since the output format is configurable, you can also use AddMovie to convert movie file formats, say from MPEG-4 to 3GP for display on your Bluetooth phone, etc.

July 2007

Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.

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The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere.

April 2007

Freeware > Movie2iTunes

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This droplet allows you to add other then plain QuickTime movies to iTunes.

TVShows automatically downloads your favourite shows

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TVShows is a Mac OS X application that automatically downloads your favourite shows. You don't need anymore to manually download torrent files, TVShows does it for you. Manage your subscriptions and preferences from within the TVShows application, and TVShows takes care of the rest: a background process is automatically launched at a regular interval to check for new episodes.

Welcome to Naked Software

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Movie Flipper is a small program that will print a "flip book" from a QuickTime movie that can be printed and assembled. It is very bare bones - it expects the frame rate and other features to be set beforehand, and it seems to have problems with certain codecs and save settings, but is otherwise a neat little program to play with. >> Utiliser des films .mov de 2 secondes environ et choisir un format d'impression assez grand (au maximum 3 colonnes d'images)

March 2007

TubeSock - Save YouTube videos

YouTube on Your iPod Ever see a video on YouTube or DailyMotion and wish you could take it with you? TubeSock 2.0 does it. Just click to download, convert and copy to your iPod.

February 2007

Upgrade DivX For Mac � DivX Pro For Mac � Mac OS Software

The DivX for Mac download includes: # DivX Player 1.0.4 # DivX Community Codec 6.4.0 # DivX Web Player 1.2.0 And free trial versions of: # DivX Converter 1.1.2 (15-day trial) # DivX Pro Codec 6.4.0 (6-month trial) # Why buy DivX Pro?

January 2007


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multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter (for iPod Video)

December 2006

Democracy: Internet TV

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Lecteur universel et gratuit pour les webs TV et les vidéoblogs Bradcast Machine permet d'intégrer sa propre chaîne multimédia dans son site (compatible iTunes)