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Avec le livre audio, le plaisir de la lecture redevient facile, plus besoin de dégager du temps, il est maintenant possible de se reposer, juste se relaxer et écouter un livre audio en même temps. > Voir psychologie / Edwige ANTIER

Fisher Price : Song and Story Online Store

Here you will find hundreds of children's songs and stories clearly organized and ready to download to your FP3 Player. Each song and story purchased at the store comes with a visual icon so that children can easily recognize their favorite tracks on their Kid-Tough FP3 Player. MP 123 Player: Toys & Games

6 entertaining songs, which the child can scroll through, with the ability to overlay 3 fun sound effects Voir les commentaires Playskool Dance Along MP3 Boy: Toys & Games

Portable music player lets preschoolers create their own playlists from 100 different songs Voir les commentaires Fisher Price Kid-Tough Song & Story Player for Boys: Toys & Games

Digital media player provides preschoolers with a durable and easy way to play songs and stories Voir les commentaires

Gweilokid (MP3KID)

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J'ai enfin trouvé le iTunes store pour les enfants !

Jouets Imaginarium

Lecteur MP3 pour enfant

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