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May 2009 awards news - awards have landed - 2008 - BBC Top Gear

(via) awards have landed Ladies and gentlemen, the Awards issue of Top Gear magazine is out today. You know, the one where we take all the finest cars from the last year off to an exotic location and then have a big argument until we decide which one deserves to win. This year we’ve been in New York, presiding over one of the fiercest competitions in the history of fierce car award competition-things. Here are the winners: Dodge Challenger: Muscle car Citroen C3 Picasso: Family car

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Actualité : 2CV restylée façon Pablo Picasso !

Andy Saunders aime les 2CV et Pablo Picasso ! Le mécano-artiste de 44 ans nous présente son œuvre d'art sur roues, inspirée du "Portrait de Dora Maar" du peintre espagnol.