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Destination Smart

The Ford Story: See where we are. Be a part of where we're going. | The Ford Story

Ford is different. You can see it in the new high-quality, fuel-efficient cars and trucks on the road today. Track our progress. Our story is yours to share.


Toys Club

Bienvenue au Toys Club où votre seul souci sera de savoir si vous choisissez une Ferrari, une Lamborghini, une Aston Martin ou une Bentley. Jouir sans posséder, plaisir ultime....

Scion Joins Fourth - Yes, Fourth - Virtual World - MarketingVOX

Each virtual world lends itself to a different marketing strategy. In Whyville, where users tend to be fall between ages 8-15, the company launched a kind of virtual driver's ed. And since is populated by those in their late teens, Scion made sure to create a more provocative social environment.

Les Sims - Le site officiel en français Téléchargements

Ford Focus - 27-07-2007 Catégorie: Objets Sims 2 Fiat Punto Sims 2 - 13-10-2005 Catégorie: Créez des éléments Sims 2

Welcome to Whyville!

Whyville is a virtual world where boys and girls from all over the real world come to chat, play, learn, and have fun together. You design your face, earn clams by playing games, hang out at the beach, and go to town events at the Greek Theater. You can start your own business, buy a car and give your friends a ride, or write for the town newspaper. Hop on this helicopter to take a tour of our world!

iMedia Connection: Social Advertising, the Aristotle Way

Whyville's COO explains why social networking sites are so revolutionary, and cites a few examples of how brands have leveraged the Whyville website to reach future consumers.


Le Prius Touring Club est un club européen indépendant de passionnés de voitures écologiques hybrides...

Les marques dans Second Life : General Motors - Pontiac

Pontiac, filiale du groupe General Motors, est le dernier constructeur automobile à s'être investi dans l'univers virtuel de Second Life.