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18 February 2007 | Pass It On

With Zune™ you can share a variety of audio files.[1] Not only can you share songs you purchased or downloaded via the Zune Marketplace, but you can also share your own recordings, too. Share the school lecture you recorded, your homemade music tracks, or your weekly podcast.

Adscape Media

Real advertising in the virtual world

AdBrite: The Internet's Ad Marketplace

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elp you generate more revenue from your ad space. * Customize ads to match your site * Approve and reject ads for your site * Works alongside other ad programs

Langues 2.0

Langues 2.0 Créer un réseau de correspondances multilingues, écrit et oral (podcast et skype), pour favoriser l'apprentissage des langues étrangères.

Blue & Me sur la nouvelle Fiat Grande Punto

En partenariat avec Microsoft, Fiat a lancé Blue & Me, un système Bluetooth particulièrement convivial pour votre mobile. Côté musique, un port USB permet aussi de connecter immédiatement son baladeur pour en sélectionner et diffuser le contenu.

La convergence et le sans fil en vedette au CES de Las Vegas

Comme chaque année, le CES (Consumer Electronics Show) montre les tendances en matière d’électronique grand public. Dans l’automobile, ce cru 2007 se traduit par une intégration toujours plus poussée des lecteurs MP3, clés USB, cartes SD et Smartphones, sans oublier les inévitables GPS nomades.

17 February 2007

libsyn // podcasting made easy

Welcome to the revolution. Podcasting is a means to publish audio and video content to the world via the Internet. Audiences are able to subscribe to their favorite shows and automatically receive the latest episodes in iTunes or similar client. Creating a podcast of your own is almost as easy as listening to one. Grab a mic, record an MP3, get on your soapbox, and let us take it from there!

Radio listening reaches record high thanks to digital technology | the Daily Mail

Radio listening has reached a record high, with more than 45 million people tuning in each week, according to new figures.

The Next Big Ad Medium: Podcasts

The Next Big Ad Medium: Podcasts Advertisers will spend more than $400 million on podcasting by 2011, but they're still not sure who will be listening to them


WizzTones allows Skype users to enjoy a more personalized and convenient experience! - Free Serialized audio books in podcast form

Free serialized audio books, delivered on your schedule.

Podcast & New Media Expo

Capture. Edit. Create. Distribute. Monetize. Repeat. This is the place to learn! The 3rd Annual Podcast & New Media Expo is a "prosumer" and corporate event that brings together influential audio and video podcasters, digital media creators, and bloggers to cover the complete range of creation techniques, business objectives and future trends.

PodBook Shop.Are You Listening?

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Would you like to listen to a new audiobook? Or how about a thrilling audio drama? Would you like to have it NOW, without having to visit the bookstore or wait for the postman to deliver it? With this site it really too easy.


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Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

16 February 2007

LaRevueDurable Pour tout savoir sur le développement durable - Numéro 23 : Ecologie : de la sensibilisation à l’engagement

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LaRevueDurable est une revue de vulgarisation francophone sur l'écologie et le développement durable.