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February 2006


Screenshots from Tape It Off The Internet

January 2006

E-ink cell phone by Anthony Reed

Flamingo - Product Design Gallery - modeled in Rhino, rendered in Flamingo

December 2005


The innovation network for RCA graduates and business

November 2005


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An Informal Tool For Early Stage Web Site and UI Design

:: W.One ::

W.One Broadband Communicator - concept design

October 2005

Sonero Zenc - Portfolio

...including the Sajjadah 1426 digital prayer mat :)


France Telecom's Creative Community


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Cute Ikea bullet-time ad

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A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

Purvi Shah

Graphic Design

September 2005

teknoel .oO

Interactive Visual Special Effects


Gallery of Computation

tecznotes - 72hours tagged navigation

The site plan is broken up along two major axes: task-centered overviews across the top and topic-centered details below

Simplicity: The Goldilocks Rule

Good design gives users just enough, but not too much, information...

Great Trango Tower @

Three of the world's best climbers conquer the biggest rock wall in the world


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revealing the way you use

August 2005

Introduction to Quartz Composer

OS X development tool provided for processing and rendering graphical data

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