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February 2006


Screenshots from Tape It Off The Internet

January 2006


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...making social money painless


The iotum™ Relevance Engine™ is the world's first smart platform to intelligently filter, rank and prioritize calls based on their relevance to you.

December 2005

Honey, I'm home!

In the old world, the economic activity started when the phone call began. In the new world, that’s when it ends. The money is all in presence, social networking, filtering, privacy management...


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'The Web is about people. So Are We.'

Attention Networks vs. Social Networks

"Many social relations are unequal; they are rooted in directional graphs - fandom, power, hierarchy. So why do we use undirected models"


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Social Network and Relationship Finder, from Microsoft Research, sorting email by relationship strength.

November 2005

Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise

Social bookmarking tools are taking off on the Web. Do they have a place within the enterprise, too?

October 2005


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A free online service for building and using social applications

September 2005

We need a simpler FOAF

a "really simple FOAF", aka rsfoaf. It only knows a few tags, and does not require RDF or any other heavy machinery

August 2005

Why some social network services work and others don't Or: the case for object-centered sociality

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'Social networking' makes little sense if we leave out the objects (photos, links, places) that mediate the ties between people

July 2005

Social outcast

telephony++ application that gives you the chance of calling someone’s boss, secretary or deputy. Just the first level of awareness of corporate social structure

June 2005

Social Fabric ~ Thesis 2005

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Your social network explored through a visual language

May 2005


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Hot nerdy girls and indie rock boys! With glasses!

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