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February 2006

Cartoon anger is a misrepresentation

"Insulting and openly anti-Semitic cartoons and articles often appear in the press in Muslim countries, and we in the West rightly find that deeply offensive"

November 2005

October 2005

Sonero Zenc - Portfolio

...including the Sajjadah 1426 digital prayer mat :)

September 2005

The global voices reclaiming Islam

Thinkers, activists, political leaders and ordinary Muslims across the globe are refusing to be defined by the ideology of violence and intolerance, but their responses are diverse

August 2005

West Banksy

'...the ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers.'

Aerosol:Arabic: PSP The Beautiful Script

'...someone somewhere in Sony drew a connecting line between the PSP and Islam :)'

What's behind the 'cult of the suicide bomber'?

Kevin Toolis, producer of a fascinating new film on suicide attacks, discusses pathology, Palestine and why he left out the Tamil Tigers

July 2005

Jihadists' use of Koran is all wrong, say imams

"the roots of the present difficulties are political, not religious, and are becoming increasingly concerned that the association between terrorism and jihad benefits the fanatics"

Blair seeks to tackle extremism

The "moderate and true voice of Islam" had to be mobilised, he said

June 2005

The Festival of Muslim Cultures 2006

celebration of the rich cultural and artistic expressions of Muslim peoples

May 2005

British artist spreads universal message

A humble-looking man in his 20s sits in his studio with a mask covering his mouth and a spray can in his hand

Muslim vote shifts against Labour

Large numbers of Muslim voters appear to have deserted Labour in an anti-war backlash

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