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January 2006

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First trading platform for the pricing and exchange of realtime consumer data


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Yet Another Decentralized Identity Interoperability System

December 2005

Designing for life stages

"...three critical life stages that affect a lot of our social technologies. The first is identity formation; the second is contributive participation in society; the third is reflection and storytelling'

Authentication & Identification

"The traditional connection between signification (the use of a sign to attribute identity) and instantiation (the actual instance of a human body) has been lost"

November 2005

Reputations Are Not Portable

the internet does is it takes away scarcity in terms of both content and distribution, and it changes the value essentially to trust

September 2005

[LAFKON] Trusted Computing.

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An animated short by Benjamin Stephan and Lutz Vogel

Identity2.0 - Dick Hardt

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OSCON Keynote Address

We need a simpler FOAF

a "really simple FOAF", aka rsfoaf. It only knows a few tags, and does not require RDF or any other heavy machinery

August 2005


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An actually distributed identity system

Johannes Ernst

NetMesh LID Result Page

Personal Digital Identity Summit 2005

Taking place in London on the 17th and 18th November 2005

June 2005


Microsoft's Vision for an Identity Metasystem

The New Multiple Personality Disorder

Credit reporting agencies make mistakes. It's time to set your records straight

May 2005


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An actually distributed identity system

April 2005

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