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05 January 2006


I'm a whizz at multitasking, but I still get nowhere because my computer can't keep up with me


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04 January 2006

HPI Check

Just about to buy a used car?

An eye to the future - Dr. James Bellini

One of our big jobs is to pose big 'what if' questions. You then get to focus the mind on future scenarios and think outside the box

03 January 2006

the cloud

UK WiFi | Wireless Internet Access

02 January 2006

30 December 2005

Bitter Brew

I opened a charming neighborhood coffee shop. Then it destroyed my life.


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Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki

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Active public blogs by company employees about the company and/or its products

29 December 2005

Designing for life stages

"...three critical life stages that affect a lot of our social technologies. The first is identity formation; the second is contributive participation in society; the third is reflection and storytelling'

Authentication & Identification

"The traditional connection between signification (the use of a sign to attribute identity) and instantiation (the actual instance of a human body) has been lost"

26 December 2005


The innovation network for RCA graduates and business

Web Search for a Planet

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The Google Cluster Architecture

25 December 2005

TV Genius

What do you want to watch?

22 December 2005

Honey, I'm home!

In the old world, the economic activity started when the phone call began. In the new world, that’s when it ends. The money is all in presence, social networking, filtering, privacy management...

20 December 2005

Why you should continue to date me...

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...a series of charts and graphs. by Joel A. Friesen


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"Imran's Portal"

19 December 2005

Pull the plug on tech distractions

Technology "has sped up our need to refocus, recalibrate, and reprioritize rapidly and not lose lots of details in the process." In other words, it's giving us attention deficit disorder!

Meet the Life Hackers

To perform an office job today, it seems, your attention must skip like a stone across water all day long, touching down only periodically

16 December 2005

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