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September 2008

April 2008

Nude Dating | Nice Girls Do It, Too!

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If you are a sexual creature, you can find a meaningful relationship through online matchmaking.

April 2007

Copyright Website

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Copyright protection attaches immediately and automatically upon fixation (reduction to a tangible form) of the work in question. So, why fork over the bucks and go to the trouble of filing a federal copyright

ALA | Copyright

Additionally, the FAIR USE Act would extend the determinations of the Librarian of Congress in six narrow circumstances. For example, the Fair Use Act would extend the film clip exemption to all classrooms instead of just college media studies classes. It

March 2007

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

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© 2002-7 The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online - University of Cambridge - CRASSH 17 Mill Lane - Cambridge - CB2 1RX

February 2007

Jon Galloway : How to run IE7 (Beta 1) alongside IE6

You thought about setting up a Virtual PC image, but it seemed like too much trouble for a Beta 1. Still, it would be nice to click around in it for a few minutes here and there...

Authorama - Public Domain Books

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Maurice Leblanc: The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar

January 2007