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May 2008

MySpace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Animations, Glitter Graphics and Animations

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9-11 Aerosmith Beatles Beavis and Butthead Betty Boop Birds Cars Cartoons Casino Cool Graphics Def Leppard Dividers and Bars Explosions


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STATUS: Downloading temporarily not working. Get the new Real Player Beta to download and play the videos

April 2007

XSPF Web Music Player (Flash) - Plays MP3 on your website

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Since November 17, 2006 sourceforge disabled hotlinking for the swf files, due to bandwidth so if your website or MySpace page used the html code containing the hotlink, please update it to use other server instead of

February 2007

Morphine Biography - Echoes Of Rock

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The band toured extensively in support of the album in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia, bringing an international audience to their next Ryko release in 1995, Yes. In 1996, Morphine signed with Dreamworks Records, becoming the second act si