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Open Source Flash Open Source Flash

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OSFlash supports the development community by providing open source projects with free source code hosting and project management tools as well as a web presence on the OSFlash wiki.

DC Vote - Advocacy Alerts

Click here to find and contact your members of Congress so that you can send a letter or write an e-mail supporting equality for the residents of the District of Columbia.

Wired 15.03: Herding the Mob

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Six years ago, University of Michigan information studies professor Paul Resnick asked the couple to participate in an experiment. Resnick wanted the Swansons to continue selling postcards through their established profile, but also to offer the same good

February 2007

Project Management Source: Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life

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86. No job in the world is worth neglecting your kids for. Your kids will outgrow their strong dependence on you – the job will always be there (one or the other). If you are not there for them when they need you the most, don’t count on their uncondi

Jesse James Garrett is President and a founding partner at Adaptive Path. His latest book is The Elements of User Experience. Printer-friendly version