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Wentworth Miller on being a racial spy at Weve moved to - update your bookmarks!

My guess is that Miller might use biracial or multiethnic or whatever with friends and family, but trots out the ethnicities list to get it out of the way for the media.

February 2007

fwbo :: Biography

In this powerful piece of writing, Srimala presents her experience as a series of snapshots, showing how so-called mundane events can help us to realize the true significance of our lives. Sometimes deceptively gentle, she pulls no punches.

Glass Bottom Dishes - specialized petri dishes for imaging cell cultures using high resolution microscopes

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Glass Bottom Dish Applications Microscopic applications in which these glass bottom dishes are routinely used include: Confocal Microscopy, High Resolution Microscopy, Fluorescence Imaging, Live Cell Imaging, Phase Contrast Microscopy, Differential