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24 March 2008 22:00

Home - WysiwygPro, Browser Based Online HTML WYSIWYG Editor

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WysiwygPro is an advanced online HTML WYSIWYG editor that can be embedded in a web page. Web developers may use it as an alternative to regular textarea tags in all PHP powered web applications including Content Management Systems, Blogs, Discussion Forums and Web Based E-mail Systems. WysiwygPro is available as a PHP class for developers, as a stand alone application for editing web pages and as a plugin for many third party applications including Joomla, Mambo, WordPress and CMSimple. Integrate WysiwygPro into your content management system or web application and empower your users' creativity. WysiwygPro enables anyone to create rich HTML content online without techical skill

24 March 2008 21:45

What is Xopus? - Xopus

Xopus is an XML editor. Xopus is friendly because it offers users a WYSIWYG interface. Xopus bridges the gap between word-processing editors and XML editors by providing an easy to use and understand interface for editing complex, structured, and high quality content. Xopus assists the user by providing the user with the logical options when editing, and hiding those options that do not apply.

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