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October 2008

Exploring the REST and AtomPub as WS-* Stack Alternatives

Kurt Cagle of The Burton Group, explores the "RESTful Stack" as an alternative to WS-* web services and looks at the growing importance of standards and technologies such as Atom, the Atom Publishing Protocol, and XQuery. Presented as part of HR-XML's webinar series. see

April 2007

Web service implementations

This list is a work in progress- drop me a note if I've missed something. I've tried to classify implementations as: * Open source/free implementations * Commercial Web service stacks * WS Composition products * Security implementations: o Hardware o Software o Part of Web service stacks * Tools

November 2006

SOAP ou REST, que choisir?

Web Services Convention Juin 2004 Comparer ce qui est comparable

Introduction aux Web Services

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Lors de cette présentation, nous essaierons d'améliorer notre compréhension des Web Services, ferons un survol des normes les plus importantes de l'industrie (WSDL, SOAP et UDDI) et regarderons rapidement quels sont les alternatives d'implémentations (styles et REST). La vidéo :

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