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20 October 2006 23:45

NFSv4 Delivers Seamless Network Access

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Network File System (NFS) has been part of the world of free operating systems and proprietary UNIX flavors since the mid-1980s. But not all administrators know how it works or why there have been new releases. It is important to know about NFS simply because the system is vital seamless access across UNIX networks. Learn how the latest release of NFS, NFSv4, has addressed many criticisms, particularly with regard to security problems, that became apparent in versions 2 and 3.

20 October 2006 23:15

Reseau-nfs - Lea Linux

NFS signifie Network File System. C'est, comme son nom l'indique, un système de fichiers en réseau qui permet de partager ses données principalement entre systèmes UNIX. À la différence de SAMBA, NFS gère les permissions sur les fichiers et on peut donc l'utiliser de manière totalement transparente dans son arborescence Linux.