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September 2008

June 2008

Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates.

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Open Source Web Design is a site to download free web design templates and share yours with others. We help make the internet a prettier place.

May 2008

CSS Templates ( Page 1 of 15 ) - Free CSS Templates

Find here a never before seen collection of free CSS Templates, one of the biggest in the entire web! All these CSS templates are: * 1. Table free in its design (no tables have been used for layout purposes). * 2. The templates are light weight, so that it won’t take too long to load. * 3. W3C Standard compliant. * 4. Comes with public domain photos, provided by Wikimedia Commons and * 5. And comes FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

Galeries CSS, télécharger des thèmes libres de droits

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Pour qu’un site soit lu il vaut mieux privilégier le contenu au design, cela ne fait aucun doute. En revanche un design bancal, un contraste trop faible, peuvent nuire à la clarté de l’information et de ce fait faire fuir les visiteurs. Voici donc une sélection de quelques sites où vous pouvez télécharger des thèmes (design ou templates en anglais) librement. Il est important de noter que ces thèmes sont prêts à être utilisés. Vous n’avez besoin d’aucune connaissance en CSS ou HTML pour les installer, vous avez juste l’embarras du choix.

May 2007

January 2007

53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without | Smashing Magazine

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CSS is important. And it is being used more and more often. Cascading Style Sheets offer many advantages you don’t have in table-layouts - and first of all a strict separation between layout, or design of the page, and the information, presented on the page. Thus the design of pages can be easily changed, just replacing a css-file with another one. Isn’t it great? Well, actualy, it is.

Vitamin Features » Wake up and smell the IE7!

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In the second part of his series, Simon Griffin delves into the specifics of what IE7 means for your page content and styling.

Taming Your Multiple IE Standalones

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Multiple versions of Explorer for Windows on a single computer have revolutionized CSS bug testing for websites, but sadly the different IE browser windows appear identical to the eye, potentially leading to confusion and testing mistakes. Also, Microsoft's proprietary Conditional Comments don't operate properly on these standalones, making advanced usage of CC's a guessing game. These problems have now been resolved! But first, a little background regarding the standalones.

Newly Supported CSS Selectors in IE7

Now that IE7 has been released and has begun to penetrate into the userbase, it won't be too long before we can start using more advanced CSS in our pages. Two of the most useful items will be the Child and Adjacent Sibling combinators. These were briefly covered in a couple of Adrian Senior's articles on the Child combinator and Sibling combinator. But now that it is about to become feasible to use them for real web pages, it is time to delve more deeply into the subject.

Les syntaxes de commentaires conditionnels pour IE Windows

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Les commentaires conditionnels sont de plus en plus souvent utilisés comme substituts aux hacks CSS afin de gérer les défauts d'implémentation CSS d'IE 5.x et 6.0 Windows. Leur usage est également préconisé par Microsoft en prévision des changements apportés par IE7. Voici un rappel des différentes possibilités offertes par ces commentaires et des syntaxes à utiliser dans le contexte de documents HTML et XHTML1.0 traités en tant que text/html.

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