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Ramenos | Guide de référence des microformats pour le SEO

Ce que je vous propose ici s’apparent à un guide de référence “fait maison” sur les microformats, orienté SEO et développeurs (bah oui faut toucher un peu au code pour mettre en place le nouveau balisage :p)


A Quick Tutorial on JavaScript Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are very handy pieces of JavaScript code that you can bookmark

Google Gears windows and linux compiled versions compatible with Firefox 3.5

In case anyone's interested, here are Firefox 3.5 compatible xpi builds for Windows i386 (compiled on Visual Studio 2008 SP1) and Linux i386 and x86_64 (compiled using gcc 4.3.3 on Ubuntu using my patch posted above):


reallysimplehistory - Google Code

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Really Simple History is a lightweight JavaScript library for the management of bookmarking and browser history in Ajax/DHTML applications. RSH serializes application data in an internal JavaScript cache so that bookmarks and the back button can be used to return your application to an earlier state. Originally developed by Brad Neuberg in 2005, RSH has won a large user base for its simplicity, ease of use and lack of dependency on any specific Ajax framework. It's written in plain old JavaScript and can be included on any site according to the terms of its BSD license. In September 2007, Brian Dillard of Pathfinder Development came on board as maintainer and ongoing code steward for the project. A new version, with support for additional modern browsers (IE7, Safari, Opera), was released as RSH 0.6 on December 3, 2007.

CAPTCHA Gallery | Securimage PHP Captcha

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This gallery of CAPTCHA images are all created with Securimage. Here you can get an idea of how many different styles of images can be created with some changes to the default image settings.


Introducing the Java Content Repository API

There are several approaches that I could take when discussing the JCR. In this article, I examine the features offered by the JSR-170 specification from a developer's perspective, focusing on the available API and the interfaces that allow a programmer to efficiently use the JSR-170 repository in designing a content application. As an artificial example, I'll implement a trivial back end for a Wikipedia-like encyclopedia system, called JCRWiki, with support for binary content, versioning, backup, and search. I use Apache Jackrabbit, an open source implementation of JSR-170, to develop this application.

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