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21 September 2007 22:00

Best Practices for Applying Ajax to JSR 168 Portlets

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A year ago, the article Asynchronous Rendering of Portlet Content With Ajax Technology demonstrated how to apply Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) to portlets. Since then, Ajax has become increasingly popular in the software arena and many new Ajax technologies have emerged. Examples are JavaScript libraries and toolkits, such as the Dojo Toolkit, the Yahoo! UI Library, the Google Web Toolkit,, and DHTML Goodies. In addition, new standards bodies like Open Ajax and the Dojo Foundation are key players. In light of the many developments in the past year and the host of feedback on how to use Ajax in portlets, this article describes several helpful tips and practices on how best to exploit Ajax in portlets that comply with the Java Specification Request (JSR) 168: Portlet Specification.

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