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November 2007

September 2007

80 AJAX-Solutions For Professional Coding | Developer's Toolbox

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des scripts en vrac pou plein de choses (galeries d'images, tables sorters, calendars, formulaires, etc)

June 2007

Les balises dynamiques - SPIP

Les balises dynamiques réagissent mal, ou pas du tout, aux filtres. Il est donc inutile (jusqu’au moins en 1.9.2) d’essayer d’appliquer un filtre à une balise dynamique, ou d’utiliser une balise dynamique comme argument d’un filtre.

May 2007

Validation Hints for your form (Ask the CSS Guy)

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As someone is typing an in an input field, it would be nice give feedback to the user as they are typing if they have satisfied that field's validation criteria. This article will explain one way of achieving this effect using JavaScript and CSS.

February 2007

A List Apart: Articles: Prettier Accessible Forms

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It can be time consuming to make web forms both pretty and accessible. In particular, laying out forms where the form label and input are horizontally adjacent, as in the image below, can be a real problem. We used to use tables, which worked well in this scenario—but forms don’t constitute tabular data, so it’s a semantic faux pas.