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June 2007 The Personal Website and Blog of Katherine Gallia

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Time Sensitive CSS Switcher Changer le style d'un site suivant l'heure du jour

May 2007

Row Locking with CSS and JavaScript (Ask the CSS Guy)

I was recently asked about the effect used to highlight a table row with a mouse click. This is different than highlights while hovering, as the clicked row should stay highlighted until clicked again. To differentiate this effect from 'row highlighting', I'll refer to it here as 'row locking', since the effect stays in place until the user re-clicks (or unlocks) the row.

Validation Hints for your form (Ask the CSS Guy)

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As someone is typing an in an input field, it would be nice give feedback to the user as they are typing if they have satisfied that field's validation criteria. This article will explain one way of achieving this effect using JavaScript and CSS.

April 2007

Ajaxian » jscsscomp: JavaScript and CSS files compressor

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We love to play with the plumbing don't we. jscsscomp is the latest compressor that uses Nicolas Martin PHP version of the Dean Edwards JavaScript Compressor.

March 2007