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May 2007

Dnevnik eklektika // CSS gallery layout—smells like a table

Setting up a gallery layout is not exactly one of the jobs I am looking forward to doing. I assume you all are using lists by now to lay out thumbnail galleries, right? If so, you already know that those kind of semantic gallery layouts require a lot of CSS code, and not a lot of these layouts are flexible enough – at least for my taste – so I decided to give it a go and I came up with a pretty robust solution that works in all modern browsers and it’s „behavior” resembles a what we could call a „table like behavior”.

April 2007 - Something about web design » Blog Archive » Image gallery that doesn’t fall apart

If you use some kind of CMS or your own news script, you can the solution explained in this article. I will show you how to create an image gallery that doesn’t falls apart when different sizes of images are loaded and with no images being distorted.

February 2007