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06 July 2006 19:30

Pocket Smalltalk

Pocket Smalltalk™ IDE is a free open source programming environment that lets developers write Smalltalk applications for Palm Powered™ handhelds, and other small devices.

06 July 2006 19:15

The SOUL Logic Meta Programming tool

SOUL is short for Smalltalk Open Unification Language. SOUL is an open, reflective logic programming language written in VisualWorks 7.x. The current implementation of SOUL also incorporates the ideas of another Logic Meta-Programming tool that was developed at the Programming Technology Lab (PROG)


SELF is an experimental prototype-based pure object oriented programming language developed between 1987 and 1995 at Stanford University and Sun Labs by Dave Ungar, Randy Smith and others. See for more information.


Isard is an interactive geometry software written in Smalltalk by Jean-Sébastien Roy during the years 1996-1997, now being released (and sometimes updated).

06 July 2006 19:00

Smalltalk Refactory Tools

We have been working together for many years (since the early 90’s) and we all use the same methodologies, which provide consistency for our clients. We all have extensive industry experience and like to apply our knowledge in practical ways. We are familiar with Objects, Patterns, Frameworks, Refactoring, and with Industry Standard Best Practices for Object-Oriented Development. Peruse our principals' work history and qualifications by clicking on the respective link under the picture above

Smalltalk Tools

Coverage browser, Internet business application framework

The Software Composition Group

The Software Composition Group carries out research in programming language design and software reengineering with the goal of facilitating the development of flexible, open software systems. The SCG is led by Prof. Oscar Nierstrasz and Prof. Stéphane Ducasse and is part of the Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (IAM) at the University of Berne.

Genetic Programming

GPEIST provides a framework for implementing and monitoring GP experiments. A single experiment has been provided as an example -- the Ant Trail Problem with John Muir and Santa Fe trails.


Actalk is a testbed for modeling, classifying and experimenting with object-oriented concurrent programming languages. Object-oriented concurrent programming (OOCP). Actalk stands for active objects, or also actors, in Smalltalk.

06 July 2006 18:30

Dolphin Smalltalk Companion

This site is dedicated to the book that I wrote on Dolphin Smalltalk. When you write a book for publication, you become part of a production process, which means that you have to draw the line at some point, otherwise the book can never be published. As I come across more and more functionality that I would have liked to have included in the book, I decided to extend the book on these pages.

ReStore for Dolphin

ReStore for Dolphin is a highly transparent framework which allows the Dolphin Smalltalk XP programmer to make use of relational database storage, without the need for specialist relational database knowledge. ReStore generates and maintains the database schema, and handles all interaction with the database, leaving you free to concentrate on Dolphin application development.

SmallScript by Example

The intention of this page is to supply a 'quick look' at SmallScript syntax for those beginning in the language. I'd appreciate any additions or corrections that you may have. Please email Chris Double if you have any comments.

Why Smalltalk

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Why Smalltalk delivers timely news and information to IT managers, developers and recent adopters of Smalltalk for all businesses and industries

The Smalltalk Industry Council

The Smalltalk Industry Council is a cohesive Smalltalk community where information, technical issues, new ideas and concerns are openly discussed to benefit the industry. STIC members are users and vendors of Smalltalk tools, components, databases and services.


Objectivity is a software developer of object database, ODBMS, database management systems, O/R mapping and database solutions. Its Objectivity/DB is a high performing database engine superior to relational database management systems because it is a database software library linked to the application program rather than a separate data server process. Objectivity/DB provides real time management solutions for applications rich in complex inter-related data.

06 July 2006 18:15


Open Source Web Services toolkit for Smalltalk

Smalltalk Web Application Zoo

The goal of the Swazoo (Smalltalk Web Application Zoo) project is to provide an Open Source, vendor agnostic, dialect neutral web application framework for Smalltalk

Smalltalk Web Application Server

AIDA/Web is a web server and a framework for dynamic Internet and Intranet web applications. It contains a Swazoo HTTP server and can serve static as well as dynamic HTML pages.

Crafted Smalltalk

Crafted Smalltalk is owned and operated by Terry Raymond. Mr. Raymond is an engineer with over 15 years of smalltalk experience and over 30 years of engineering experience. Crafted Smalltalk was started when its primary product, the Smalltalk Professional Debug Package, was introduced in 1995. Subsequently, it has been integrated into VisualWorks and is no longer a separate product. Although, it may still be purchased for older versions of VisualWorks.

VisualAge Smalltalk Documentation

IBM VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise V6.0 Documentation

Smalltalk/V Express Tutorial

Smalltalk/V features pure object-oriented programming, a revolutionary approach to data abstraction, providing a new dimension in which to organize the elements of a software system. For you, this means being able to create highly reusable software, truly generic code and the opportunity to use a prototyping style of software development.