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13 April 2007

Digg users OWNED by teens4crist

digg users were owned after a story was posted about a world of warcraft prostitute. some sick freak was selling her body in trade for 5000 gold pieces

Teens Shrink Wrap Highway, Cop Runs Into It

The teens strung plastic shrink wrap across County Highway KR at State Hwy. 32 in the village of Mt. Pleasant. They sat at a nearby intersection Wednesday night and waited for a car to plow through it. Their victim was a Mt. Pleasant police officer.

Cocaine Dealing Priest Jailed in Italy

Father Stefano Ciacca, 44, was arrested for possession of 500 grams of cocaine with a street value of about $US675,000 dollars.

12 April 2007

German Army tries to draft 4-week-old baby

The German Army sent a draft notice to a four-week-old baby named Lucio, ordering him to report for duty within the next 10 days, before realising it had blundered.

Shot in the back and didn't know

Cameron Kelly is a young man of muscle and discipline The 6-foot-3, 250-pound shot-putter, discus-thrower and runner at the De La Salle Institute earns A’s and B’s. On Wednesday morning, on his way to track practice, Cameron was strong enough to take a bullet in his back and walk away …

11 April 2007

MySpace prank gone bad leads to misuse of school resources, multiple lawsuits

A Pennsylvania principal has filed suit against some of his former students after they created fake and demeaning MySpace profiles about him back in 2005. Ars looks at the whole, sordid mess.

Cool Etch-A-Sketch art!

This is pretty impressive. Here’s the online portfolio of an up and coming Etch A Sketch artist from Portland Oregon who goes by the name of Etcha’. This guy has to have the fingers of a surgeon.

Michigan Man Pays $335 Court Fee in Pennies

A Michigan man awarded $335 in a small claims court ruling last month was paid in pennies in what the man he sued said was a gesture of contempt.

How Blogs Have Increased Human Intelligence by a Factor of 5

After reading Rand Fishkin and Andy McBeal this week I am inspired by the reasons why people blog. As ever, curious by the meaning and impact of the Internet on the human race, I pondered how blogs have increased human intelligence and came up with five factors: consciousness, knowledge, truth, taste and sociality.

Deer hits van... Van gets even.

So as you can see from the pictures the deer sort got PWNZORED to use the parlance of our times… Uh gore warning or something like that.

10 April 2007

Woman acts as prostitute for WoW gold (PICTURE)

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A woman in desperate need of 5000 gold and FAST offers herself to obtain it. Pretty sad, I have to say.

Smoking Protects against Parkinsons?

Could smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee protect you from Parkinson’s disease? That’s the startling suggestion of a new U.S. study of families that also found NSAID use has no impact on the disease risk.

Police order boy, 5, to stop chalking hopscotch 'graffiti' on the street

“A boy of five playing hopscotch with friends looked up to find himself confronted by two police officers.” …”The road was later washed clean by the rain. Since the incident a fortnight ago the parents have banned their children from using chalk outside.”

Wet Diaper Alarm Excuses Your Inability to be a Good Parent

IF you are particularly lazy and not keen on smelling your child’s ass every 15 minutes. This is where there wet diaper alarm steps in.

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