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New Generation of multiplatform IM attacks

New multiplatform IM worms spreading around.

New universal instant messenger

VoiceOne presented universal instant messaging platform.

August 2006

Strange Domain Names

The top creepy and funny domains on the web

The best place for cross-country skiing - Lapland

In Finish Lapland the dream of the cross-country skiers comes true.

Aviation Videos - bandwidth courtesy of the Alexis Park Inn & Suites

A 7 day trip to Lapland. One of Europe's most beautiful places.

Lapland - a country that you won't find on the map. The native country of Santa Claus and the North elks spreads far beyond the Polar circle between Finland, Sweden and Norway. Where else would the winter be more beautiful than here?!

Alien Art

Conceptual artist Jonathan Keats has revisited a transmission from space (named SHGb02+14a) once thought by some hopefuls to originate from an alien intelligence. By applying specific rule sets to the information, he has produced several visual abstractions that he considers art. The exhibit opened on Monday in Berkeley.

Archeologists found the oldest writing

One of the oldest writings discovered in Bulgaria. A unique clay tablet more than 7 millennia old was discovered recently.

Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars

The robot that parks cars at the Garden Street Garage in Hoboken, New Jersey, trapped hundreds of its wards last week for several days. But it wasn't the technology car owners had to curse, it was the terms of a software license.

How to create Microsoft Office documents on the fly using PHP

by 1 other
In this tutorial are explained different methods to generate MS Office documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt) using PHP.

Description of Reflexology - alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is increasing in popularity as more people turn towards natural forms of treatment

Setting Up the Perfect Ubuntu Linux Desktop

The script below is the solution to make Ubuntu the "Linux for ALL human beings".

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