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October 2007

Unitils - library for enhance unit test by using annotation approach

Describe how to extend the unit test features by adding new annotation. I also provide an example of writing the Ldap operations unit test using custom module of Unitils testing framework

August 2007

Enhance the Unit test using Annotation approach

This blog discuss the benefits of using the specific class of JUnit4 that helps developers can custom the way of running unit test, user can reduce the test code, increase the re-usability by using Annotation

Unitils - the excellent unit test library

I am developing the Wicket application using Spring, Hibernate. I use Wicket tester module, JUnit4, EasyMock and DBUnit for writing test code. While writing test code, many lines of code writing for set up test cases and they are re-used across test cases. The new unit test framework names Unitils helps me a lot in configuring the database unit test (DBUnit, Hibernate) also the service unit test (Spring, EasyMock).

May 2007

MVC pattern: Controller is too big!

All software engineers know the MVC pattern also it is applied in various projects from standalone to web or distributed application. However, while many Software Engineers have different view on Controller layer and many cases it is not managed well because the Controller layer must do many things and it is too big!

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