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May 2005

狐摘 - Soho的网摘服务

April 2005

[ZH] 凡我迷网络书签

March 2005

[ZH] 网络书签服务 - JiaJia Bookmarks

[ZH] 加加网摘 - 网络书签服务

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[ZH] 网络书签服务

igooi - Save it, Share it!

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[MX] Save your web findings, Share your interests


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[EN] visual bookmarks with tags

February 2005

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[EN] helps you discover the hot and fresh bookmarks.


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[EN] little open bookmark tool

connotea: bookmarks

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[EN] Social citations and remote reference management.

January 2005

ZH] 中文网摘服务

Poco 网摘

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[ZH] 中文网摘服务


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[ZH] 中文网摘服务

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[ZH] 新浪vivi收藏夹

[ZH] 录客中国 - 网摘Blog


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[EN] collaborative web bookmarks and link blogs

November 2004

Free Bookmark Managers

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[EN] 众多的免费书签收集


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[EN] A free online service to organize your academic papers

Delicious Library

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[EN] Import, browse, and share all your books, movies, music and video games with Delicious Library.

October 2004


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[DE] A Social Bookmarks


[ZH] 狗友 - 社会性开放书签

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