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November 2005

Just Jessica - TransTraffic

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a new link share system for the blogging community (but works on any website), it tells you how many visitors are active on your site and what other sites they are looking at.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site.

October 2005


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The Eh List collects statistics abouts your blog from all around the blogosphere.

Measure Map

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Measure Map provides free, easy stats for your blog.


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Welcome to elfURL, where we make giant URLs shorter.

delineate (beta)

a community driven visitor tracking service that tells you who your visitors are and what they want from the web.

August 2005

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Real time Blog Analytics


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一统天下 - 免费网站流量统计系统


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Track visitors to your website using Google Maps

July 2005

Easy Web Stats

Easy Web Stats provides a free hit counter and a free users online counter, perfect for blogs and personal web sites.

June 2005

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我要啦 - 网站流量统计

May 2005


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March 2005

[ZH] 普拉斯社区 - 图片仓库&网站流量分析

February 2005

Free Web site Stats - AddFreeStats website statistics

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[EN] provides to Webmasters, free website statistics on their web site visitors

August 2004

Free hit counter - Free web counter

[EN] 简易网页点击计数器

July 2004

June 2004

RE_INVIGORATE // Data Archiving Services

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[EN] This free service allows you to discreetly track statistical information about your website.

eXTReMe Tracking

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[EN] 网站统计服务

March 2004


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Free web counter and web Statistics

太极链 - 网站联盟和流量统计

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