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January 2006


by 8 others
The first musicail application. Plays and stores music in your google mail account.

December 2005

Gmail Space

by 20 others
This extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2 GB) for file storage.

November 2005

G2G Exchange

by 7 others
Share files with your Gmail

June 2005

Gmail Hard

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turn gmail into a portable hard drive for FREE

April 2005

PGD ( Php Gmail Drive ) from Rahat Ayub

by 2 others
[EN] PhpGmailDrive is another Web file share utility.

February 2005

by 6 others
[EN] A set of PHP files to store files of any size in yor gMail account.

October 2004

Gmail Signiature Generator

by 7 others
[EN] Gmail签名档生成器

Aimless Words

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[EN] the unofficial gmail blog


[EN] A FREE Gmail utility that acts as a pop3 Gmail server (formerly PGtGM)

September 2004


by 8 others
[EN] Store and Share files on your Web-Mail account!

August 2004

Gmail Notifier

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[EN] Check your Gmail messages without opening your browser

July 2004

this is g-mailto bookmarklet

[EN] pop up a new message window off browser toolbar

Reading Outlook PST files, import and export of the messages in PST file

[EN] Convert Outlook PST files into mbox formatted files and then use Gmail Loader to upload the emails into Gmail

June 2004


[EN] Check if your Gmail Username is Available

Gmail and GTray

by 2 others
[EN] check your Gmail reliably from a web interface


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[EN] G-Mailto is a utility that automatically associates "mailto" email links on the web with GMail.

gCount - gMail message count

[EN] display the number of unread messages in your Gmail (currently requires OSX 10.3 or later).

by 2 others
[EN] allows you to export e-mails from your Gmail inbox.

Mark Lyon's GMail Loader (GML) - Import Your Mail into GMail

by 9 others
[EN] allows you to import your mbox or Maildir files into Gmail.

Gmail Search Tools :: Search your email from your anywhere!

by 3 others
[EN] GmailTray allows you to search your emails from your desktop.

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