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RDFa dans XHTML — Syntaxe et traitement

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Une collection d'attributs et de règles de traitement pour étendre XHTML et gérer RDF

en français s'il vous plait madame

XHTML Role Attribute Module


The attribute describes the role(s) the current element plays in the context of the document. This can be used, for example, by applications and assistive technologies to determine the purpose of an element. This could allow a user to make informed decisions on which actions may be taken on an element and activate the selected action in a device independent way. It could also be used as a mechanism for annotating portions of a document in a domain specific way (e.g., a legal term taxonomy).

how you can improve the definition of what is what. Those roles are present into ARIA.

Internationalization Best Practices: Handling Right-to-left Scripts in XHTML and HTML Content

This document provides advice for the use of XHTML or HTML markup and CSS to create pages for languages that use right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic and Hebrew. It attempts to counter many of the misunderstandings or over-complexities that currently abound. It also offers advice to those preparing content that will be localized into scripts that behave like Arabic and Hebrew.


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PottyMouth transforms completely unstructured and untrusted text to valid, nice-looking, completely safe XHTML.

one of the most over-done task.


Rdf In Html :: Embedded RDF Wiki :: Talis

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This document describes how a subset of RDF can be embedded into XHTML or HTML by using common idioms and attributes.


GRDDL RDFa Example

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The digital library use case is a typical example of a scenario where a publisher of distributed web content meant for both human and machine consumption:

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