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Nitpicker wiki / The Humane Interface

An interface should be effective, habituating, reliable, efficient, and tested. To the extent that doing so does not conflict with these essentials, an interface should also be attractive.

git-wiki -- because who needs cool names when you use git?

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git-wiki it is a quick and not properly planned hack. It relies on git to keep pages’ history and Sinatra to serve them.

knowing that Twiki uses RCS scares me.


Dashboard - Public Liip Wiki

This is the public wiki for Flux CMS and Bitflux Editor and other Open Source projects by Liip AG

more FOSS

Rdf In Html :: Embedded RDF Wiki :: Talis

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This document describes how a subset of RDF can be embedded into XHTML or HTML by using common idioms and attributes.



A very small, simple and powerfull wiki

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