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DjangoCon wrapup at Spindrop

If Twisted Matrix was implemented in Ruby it would be advertised as the second coming of Christ.

Rabbits and warrens. - Jason’s .plan

The goal was simple enough: decouple a particular type of analysis out-of-band from mainstream e-mail processing.

Simple introduction to AMQP using RabbitMQ via Python using py-amqplib and txamqp (on launchpad)

Electric Duncan: Twisted Mail Server: The Conclusion

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A playground Pythonic email server, like Zed's SOS maybe.


david petar novakovic: attempted axiomatisation » Code: Full text Delicious index in python with xapian and twisted

Your own personal bookmark search engine in 100 lines of code.

Xapian, FeedParser, Twisted and a few lines of code. Very neat hack.

Foolscap - Trac

"Foolscap" is the name for the next-generation RPC protocol, intended to replace Perspective Broker.

RPC is dead, long life to RPC. Formerly twisted.spread



Carmen is an application server driven by RDF, N3, OWL and SPARQL and based on Twisted.

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