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April 2008

hbons’ Home » Blog Archive » Pretty GNOME clock

You can make your clock applet prettier by changing two lines with gconf-editor.

nice tips for you GNOME-lovers. And for sure, a rule to follow - do not hardcode anything users may want to change, customize.

February 2008

10 best CSS hacks |

by 9 others

Here is the list of 10 hand picked CSS hacks and tricks which can help you in your CSS code and also save some time.

always useful tips and hacks. : Django performance tips

by 3 others (via)

some notes on how we tweak our servers to get that type of high performance.

nice Django tips.

October 2007

Suggestions to Authors of RDF Vocabularies

Another SemWeb post I meant to link to a while back - Keith Alexander has tips on creating RDF vocabularies or ontologies.

nice starting point

September 2007

Whitehat SEO tips for bloggers

“[…] if you’d already made your site with underscores, it probably wasn’t worth trying to migrate all your urls over to dashes. If you’re starting fresh, I’d still pick dashes.”

I loved the - vs _ war.

August 2007

July 2007

June 2007

May 2007

Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi?

Yes, there are definite reasons why the vi/vim editing model is just superior to any other out there.

101 Ways… at Digital Photography Tips From The Top Floor

101 Ways To Improve Your Digital Photography

April 2007

Mike Clark's Weblog

Custom Maintenance Pages

Busy lab's Apple iBook and Linux section

Apple keyboard special characters for programmers

March 2007

October 2006

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