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August 2008

Diva Project – Trac


Diva is a a lightweight web framework for Python that is built on top of WSGI and integrated with the Genshi template engine. It also uses Babel for internationalization and WebOb for a more convenient abstraction on top of raw HTTP/WSGI.

Yet another Pythonic web framework.

November 2007

GenshiTutorial - Genshi - Trac

This tutorial is intended to give an introduction on how to use Genshi in your web application, and present common patterns and best practices.

very interesting template language.

July 2007


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Haml is the next step in generating views in your Rails application.

Django snippets: Switch/case tags.

Meant mostly as a demo of how to do complex block tags, here's a switch/case implementation.

January 2007

December 2006

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