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Encrypted File Systems - Miguel de Icaza

encfs, a user-space encrypted file system that runs on top of FUSE.

To use it, just type: $ encfs ~/.encryptedstorage ~/secure

And follow the directions. You then will have a ~/secure directory where you can stash all the material that you would not want to become public if you were to lose your laptop.

A very simple way to have a encrypted place, for your next trip to the US.

Amazon S3 Security « poeticcode

You can’t call a system secure unless it’s really secure.

S3 isn't secure.


google-caja - Google Code

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Using Caja, web apps can safely allow scripts in third party content.

How close is this from Douglas Crockford will of mashup platform?

Coding Horror: Passphrase Evangelism

The greatest long term security threat isn't hackers. It's the perpetuation of the braindead 8-16 character password length limitation, and the idea that passwords are single words.



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