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January 2009

Xappy 0.5 introduction

The "xappy" module is an easy-to-use interface to the Xapian search engine.

how to play with Xapian and Python.

July 2008

david petar novakovic: attempted axiomatisation » Code: Full text Delicious index in python with xapian and twisted

Your own personal bookmark search engine in 100 lines of code.

Xapian, FeedParser, Twisted and a few lines of code. Very neat hack.

March 2008

Cloaking, sneaky Javascript redirects, and doorway pages

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Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different content or URLs to users and search engines. Serving up different results based on user agent may cause your site to be perceived as deceptive and removed from the Google index.

do not want

September 2007

MapReduce cookbook for machine learning « Free Search

Here’s a paper from Stanford showing how to use MapReduce to scalably implement ten different machine learning algorithms!

another thing to read

August 2007

Django snippets: Sphinx Search ORM

An ORM model for the Sphinx full-text search engine.

April 2007

grassyknoll - Google Code

Grassy Knoll is a storage and search web service written in Python. It is intended for use by read-heavy applications, such as web apps.

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