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DjangoCon wrapup at Spindrop

If Twisted Matrix was implemented in Ruby it would be advertised as the second coming of Christ.

toolmantim's bananajour at master - GitHub

Local git repository hosting with a sexy web interface and bonjour discovery. It's like your own little adhoc, network-aware github!

Distributed github in a way.



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Revactor is an application framework for Ruby which uses the Actor model to simplify the creation of high-performance network services.

Writing concurrent systems is one of the most difficult problems facing programmers today. Working with threads is difficult, and asynchronous approaches are confusing and difficult to work with.

Erlang-like for Ruby, nice.

skynet, open source map/reduce in Ruby

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Skynet is an open source Ruby implementation of Google’s Map/Reduce framework, created at With Skynet, one can easily convert a time-consuming serial task, such as a computationally expensive Rails migration, into a distributed program running on many computers.


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Halcyon is a JSON Web App Server Framework built on Rack for speed and light weight.

even if I don't get the point yet, it can be useful one day.

Piston ~ Easy Vendor Branch Management

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Piston is a utility that eases vendor branch management. This is similar to svn:externals, except you have a local copy of the files, which you can modify at will.

2007 ActiveWarehouse Example with Rails SVN Logs

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This article covers how to build a simple ActiveWarehouse data warehouse using the Subversion logs from the Rails project.

Time to forget about data normalization » 1 Minute Post: AIM Bot in Ruby

require 'net/toc' # "aimbot99" needs to be a real AIM username, get one at"aimbot99", "mypass") do |msg, buddy| buddy.send_im("You said: #{msg}") end

too easy

Document-based Ruby Database

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RDDB is a Ruby Document-oriented Database. It is inspired by CouchDB

could be a good API to CouchDB as well

7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails - O'Reilly Ruby

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The troll Ruby vs PHP isn't worth it, but this sentence make sense (to me). Give you some credit.

Allegra » Blog Archive » About JRuby and CPython performances

JRuby’s applications need as much code as their CPython equivalent, but they are consistently slower and fatter.

more graph to troll about.

Jabber::Bot :: Crisis Averted!

Jabber::Bot makes it simple to create and command your own Jabber bot with little fuss. By adding custom commands powered by regular expressions to your bot's repertoire, you and your new bot will be able to accomplish nearly anything.

a simple and extensible Jabber bot in Ruby

caboose Scale rails from one box to three, four and five

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Taking a vanilla rails application from one box and up is a fun process.


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Haml is the next step in generating views in your Rails application.

err.the_blog.find_by_title('Ya Talkin' Gibberish')

Gibberish is a simple Rails localization plugin

err.the_blog.find_by_title('Be Dee Dee and Me')

Behavior driven development. BDD is a way of writing code by testing what the code should do rather than testing the code itself.

PragDave: Prompting for Rails Database Password

How can I make Rails prompt me for the database password, rather than hard code it into a configuration file?


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RSpec is a Behaviour Definition Framework well suited for practicing Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) in Ruby.

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